Friday, 1 June 2012

Strathclyde Police, the real threat to public order this weekend

Progressive activists ‘known to the police’ across Glasgow, and indeed Britain, were confronted by police officers on the eve of the chauvinistic Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and issued warnings not to engage in disorder or to attend any of the gatherings called to oppose the monarchy. In Glasgow, a supporter of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and the Glasgow Defence Campaign, who has been a consistent target of state harassment was visited by plain clothes officers PC McFadden (H 567) and PC Daily (H 611) of Baird Street Police Office, without any legal authority to be told that engaging in ‘anti-social behaviour and violence’ would make him liable to arrest. As if we needed telling! Other activists, who are still being dragged through a trial after being targeted for arrest at last year’s anti-royal wedding party in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park, were also door stepped by McFadden and Daily.

The GDC has received reports of anonymous officers phoning activists in Newcastle to inquire into details of a demonstration against the monarchy which the racist thugs of the English Defence League aim to confront. As ever when the uniformed pigs fail to deter people from protest their closest counterparts, the casually dressed pigs of the EDL, step in to assist them in their ‘duties’ to intimidate and shut down protest.
Elsewhere unconfirmed reports of arrests of anti-jubilee activists in Birmingham have been aired. The GDC will post any news we come across on this.
Miriam Kelly, spokesperson of the Glasgow Defence Campaign, responded to this latest police intrusion and intimidation by stating the following;
Any right thinking person understands that to engage in ‘disorder’ makes them liable to arrest so why the need for officers to be sent to the doors of activists to state the obvious? The answer is to intimidate and deter the person from attending the event in the first place irrelevant of whether they intend on any disorder or not. This is a clear breach of the democratic right of assembly and must be opposed. We understand that the biggest threat to disorder are the police themselves, who have used large assemblies in recent times to test their policing tactics of snatch squads and crowd control techniques.
The only criminals this weekend will be the archaic monarch and her foot soldiers of the British Army; each have the blood of hundreds of years of imperialist war, occupation and exploitation on their hands! The Diamond Jubilee charade is as the Scot poet Hugh MacDiarmid stated ‘Royal Honours for murderers and fools!’
If you were door stepped today or have been before send details of this to
No to intimidation through door stepping! 
Defend the right to protest!

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