Police harassment log

This will be updated as necessary. We welcome all submissions to this log of political police harassment, no matter how small. It is necessary to build up a clear picture of attacks on democratic rights in Glasgow and the behaviour of the police, the officers, commanders and political figures involved. Please get in touch at glasgow_defence@yahoo.co.uk . Where possible, try to record the names and badge numbers of the police officers involved, and the time, date, location and background to the incident. 
The Strathclyde community policing website provides the names and photographs of the local policing teams here. The Support Unit ‘V-Division’ - like the Territorial Support Group of London's Metropolitan police  - is the specialist unit trained to police protests and demonstrations and conduct surveillance. See here 
Please email, phone and write to the police offices involved to demand an end to police harassment and to complain of any mistreatment. Make sure they know that we won't go down without a fight!  

Thursday 31 October 2013

Citizens United Against Public Service Cuts organiser Sean Clerkin is arrested at Glasgow City chambers and detained for over 4 hours in holding cells at Stewart Street Police Station. He is given a financial penalty before being released on the charge of ‘breach of the peace’. Clerkin had shouted ‘blood on your hands’ from the public gallery at leading Glasgow Labour Councillor Archie Graham after a motion to drop Atos as sponsors of the 2014 Commonwealth Games was voted down by the Labour Council.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

A meeting of Glasgow Against Atos supporters is monitored by plain clothes and uniformed police officers. At 8.45pm a standard police car (licence SF10 DXC), with its lights flashing, slowly pulled up beside supporters stood outside the Unite Union building on West Regent Street. A male and female officer (A972, A217) randomly asked supporters ‘is everything alright, has there been a disturbance?’ GDC and GAA supporters agreed there was nothing random about this questioning it was another blatant attempt to intimidate and harass anti-cuts activists outside the offices of the Unite Union (see 20 August log).

Tuesday 20 August 2013
At approximately 6.55pm, two uniformed police officers, A118 and A169 (the former officer being already known to the Glasgow Defence Campaign), turned up to an internal meeting organised by Glasgow Against ATOS at the Unite Union buildings on West Regent Street. They entered the room and asked whether this was a public meeting and who was likely to be attending. Those campaigners present stated that this was not a public meeting, and either way, had absolutely nothing to do with the police, and demanded that they leave.
At around 7.10pm, another activist saw the same officers still milling around the street outside. On walking by, the Unite building janitor silently signalled to the police officers the number of people present in the meeting room inside.
The GDC is adamant that the presence of uniformed police officers at perfectly legal and legitimate political meetings represents a clear attempt at intimidation and overtly political policing. The meeting was not publicly advertised, meaning either that the police are monitoring private communications, or having information passed to them. The officers did not walk into the meeting off the street by chance, and are being directed by their inspectors at Stewart Street . The apparent collaboration of Unite employees with the police is also noted. The irony that this police interference occurred the very next day after over sixty people attended a GDC meeting in Glasgow aimed at exposing undercover and political police operations is not lost on us.

The GDC states once more that any police presence at political meetings in Glasgow should be noted and exposed and complaints made. Anyone who seeks to collaborate with the police to undermine political organisation against the cuts will similarly be exposed. 

Saturday 3 August 2013
The Glasgow Against Atos campaign hold an event between 11am-1pm using the old Glasgow Green washing lines to publicise their call ‘Glasgow City Council Hang Out Your Dirty Laundry!’ At 11.40am two officers in an unmarked car approach the protest and take the personal details of one of the organisers. For the next hour they repeatedly circle the symbolic protest in their car. One male and female officer. Badge numbers B1508 and B743. The male officers reason for taking personal details was that ‘we cover this area’.

Friday 26 July 2013
Around ten Strathclyde police officers are present at the start of a Glasgow Against Atos campaign static demonstration outside the Cadogan street Atos Testing Centre. At least five uniformed officers remain throughout. Three of them stand close by demonstrators in an attempt to intimidate and criminalise the protest. Their badge numbers were B561, A634 & A490 

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Anti cuts activists holding a meeting in Govanhill’s Daisy Street Community Centre are questioned by staff about what their meeting is about and presented with a leaflet opposing Glasgow City Council corruption. The activists are asked by staff if the leaflet belongs to them, which it doesn’t. Staff go on to explain that they have received orders from ‘higher up’ management in Glasgow Life that meetings and literature which makes claims of Glasgow City corruption are not allowed on Glasgow Life premises. The activists contend the community centre is publicly funded and should be a space for democratic education and discussion. After speaking to their manager the staffs tell the organisers that their meeting on the cuts to welfare benefits can go ahead on the condition that they do not distribute literature. The GDC will be following this incident up with complaints and contacting local politicians.

Monday 22 July 2013

A visit is made by two plain clothes officers (CID) to the family home of Sean Clerkin, Citizens United Against Cuts and Glasgow Against Atos organiser. Sean is not home and they do not state what the visit is about to his family members. Strathclyde police actions and campaign events in the past days, weeks and months suggest the visit is part of a strategy to recruit progressive political activists as police informers working inside or alongside Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! Those allying themselves with FRFI within the Glasgow Against Atos campaign and general anti-cuts work are being targeted with police intimidation if they refuse to inform on or break their ties with FRFI. See details from logs on 18 July, 15/16/17th and 7 March 2013.

Thursday 18 July 2013

This post relates to our log of harassment from 15, 16, 17 March. On 18 July Daniel met his solicitor who had followed up the case of ‘DC Barry Weir’. Finally answers are given. On Sunday 17 March the solicitor phoned Strathclyde police to establish who ‘DC Barry Weir’ was and why he had contacted Daniel but was told that the police had no record of a ‘DC Barry Weir’ in their system. A conversation with ‘Weir’ did not lead to any answers as he refused to give his details. The solicitor then wrote a letter to Strathclyde police who soon responded by stating that a ‘DC Barry Weir’ did exist and that a ‘glitch’ in the police computer system was responsible for the unsuccessful attempt to identify him previously. It also stated that no further contact would be made with Daniel. The solicitor wrote back acknowledging this but repeated that they had not yet provided the answer to the original question why ‘DC Barry Weir’ had contacted Daniel. In response to this request for answers the solicitor received a phone call from a legal representative of Strathclyde Police who apologised for the ‘errors’ (lies) contained in the police letter which stated and promised; that there was such an officer as ‘DC Barry Weir’ and that the harassment of Daniel would not happen again. The legal representative stated that a fault in the police computer system lay behind this mistaken letter and that in fact there was no such officer as ‘DC Barry Weir’ but that the name was used as a psydonyem by undercover officers to conceal their identity. The solicitor concluded to Daniel, as GDC supporters had suspected, that the home visit, the call and suggestions to ‘meet up’ were an attempt to recruit him as an informer inside the group Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! There was no ‘CID investigation’. Note these events have taken place in the run up to a trial Daniel and another FRFI supporter face (see 22 February log for arrest details). GDC supporters will be taking this abuse of law (police interfering and intimidating a defendant awaiting trial) up with our legal team.

Friday 7 June 2013
The Glasgow Defence Campaign issues its solidarity and support to Citizen Smart - the political songwriter and singer - who was arrested outside the Scottish Tory party conference in Stirling today. His crime? Daring to 'sing-out' against the Tories wreaking war on working class communities across the country. We reproduce part of his statement on his arrest below. The full statement is available at http://www.citizensmart.org/statement-on-arrest.html

Around 12.45 on Friday 7th June, I was arrested, charged and banged up in a prison cell in Stirling Police HQ for near on 5 hours. Released 5.30 pm, Scottish Tory Conference having ended at 5.00pm. But my guitar, amplifier, microphone, microphone stand, and even my Scottish flags were retained by the police as "evidence". Evidence of what? That they exist and work?...I will be making an official formal complaint to the Police Complaints Commission and raising this matter with my MSP and The European Court of Human Rights if necessary. 

Tuesday 26 March 2013
The launch meeting of the Govanhill and Pollocksheilds Against The Bedroom Tax campaign in Govanhill Baths, Calder Street, is interrupted by 2 police officers who enter the building about half way through the meeting. They speak to one of the organisers asking for his personal details and what the meeting was discussing. The organiser gives them his name but declines to give them any further details.

Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March 2013

Detective ‘Barry Weir’ leaves a calling card at the home of FRFI supporter Daniel McGarrell on Friday. The card states that the visit is to do with an ‘ongoing CID investigation’. The following day ‘Barry Weir’ calls Daniel’s mobile number, which Daniel has had not given to officers before, and suggests they meet up. ‘Weir’ repeats this suggestion stating that “the meeting could be beneficial to both of us”. Daniel asks the officer for his details but is only given vague answers by ‘Weir’ stating that he does not work from any police station only from ‘the city centre’.  In an attempt to intimidate our comrade ‘Weir’ then brings up personal matters relating to Daniel stating “I have done my homework”. Daniel responds that he will be calling his solicitor to have this phone call investigated and hangs up. On Sunday Daniels solicitor phones the city centre Stewart Street Police Station but they have no record of a ‘DC Barry Weir’ in their system. The solicitor then phones the number left on the calling card delivered by ‘Weir’. ‘Weir’ answers the call but again does not give his officer details for a complaint to be made; refusing to give his shoulder badge number, to say what department he works from and what his suggested meeting with Daniel was to discuss. The solicitor advises ‘Weir’ that Daniel will not speak to officers without legal advice and that she will be following up this matter. The call ends.

Wednesday 7 March 2013

A peaceful occupation of the offices of ATOS takes place in Glasgow city centre. The successful action results in no arrests or charges. Two Strathclyde police officers appeared on the scene after 20 minutes. They took it upon themselves to warn the activists off attending tomorrow's free speech demonstration demanding the charges are dropped against the Glasgow ATOS 2 (see 22 February log for arrest details). They pointed to 'confrontational elements' which will be attending the demonstration, which common-sense folk would be best avoiding association with. The officers suggest that outside forces are threatening to hijack the growing movement against ATOS in the city. Their ‘warnings’ are aimed to isolate and criminalise those individuals and political organisations deemed to be a 'threat', while seeking to divert the campaign against Atos into harmless, ineffective channels. These attempts must be opposed and defeated.

Friday 22 February 2013
The Glasgow Against Atos Campaign hold their monthly rolling picket. From Atos offices on Cadogan St, Glasgow City Centre, campaigners walk round to join a protest against fuel poverty on Waterloo St. While speeches are being given officers begin to harass people – ushering them towards the wall. From Waterloo St demonstrators walk to RBS bank on Gordon Street followed by officers on foot, bike and van. After a failed attempt to interrupt speeches three officers approach threatening arrest for anyone who uses the megaphone as ‘we have had complaints’. The right of free speech is denied. While officers harass demonstrators, who have not used the loudspeaker since being warned, a siren noise on the loudspeaker is accidentally set off.

Officers use this as an excuse to make arrests - Dominic O’Hara, who is holding the loudspeaker, and Daniel McGarrell are both violently arrested despite both campaigners being calm. Officers continue to harass people who remain on the protest as they walk to the Commonwealth Games office on Albion St. After the protest, GDC supporters in a car are followed by a vanload of officers. Supporters stop to wave them on by with the cops pointing fingers and gesturing out windows as they go passed. The following badges were taken from the suspects in question throughout the day’s events: A188, A128, A237, A203, A118, A455, A366. All in all around 50 officers are involved in policing this peaceful demonstration of 30 odd people.

Both Dominic and Daniel were held for 4 hours at Stewart Street Police Station before being released on bail conditions not to take part in any ‘protests or demonstrations’ anywhere in Glasgow city centre until appearing in court, a month later, on Friday 22 March. Many supporters phoned the station to demand the release of Dominic and Daniel. We believe this pressure is why they did not end up spending a weekend in the cells. Solidarity works!

Saturday 9 February 2013

A protest is held in Glasgow City Centre by the ‘Glasgow Free Syrians’ organisation. Although heavily policed there are not any problems. After an exchange of words between demonstrators and some Buchanan Street buskers this changes. Police confrontationally intervene and violently arrest one demonstrator. His brother is arrested in a similar manner a short time after by a number of officers. The GDC is not clear if these were the only arrests made. The two brothers were released on Sunday morning.

Saturday 1 December 2012
GDC supporters are followed by Stewart Street station police officers Howie (A175) and Fagan (A972) from the Donald Dewar statue on Buchanan Street to Argyle Street. No protest is taking place the five supporters are simply walking from one part of town to another location to set up a stall. On reaching Argyle St GDC supporters approach the Socialist Party stall to make them aware of the harassment. At 2.25pm officers A576 (who was in charge of Howie and Fagan) and A349 approach GDC supporters stall asking ‘how long do you intend to stay here?’ GDC supporters refuse to answer this. The officers approach the Socialist Party stall shortly after this and ask the same questions. The Commanding Officer for the day was Campbell Corrigan.

Saturday 27 October 2012
Glasgow Against Atos and GDC campaign supporters set up a stall on Argyle Street, 1-3pm. Shortly after using the loudspeaker they are approached by a security guard from Sports Direct. He claims that the loudspeaker interferes with their walkie talkies and that therefore its use is not permitted. Supporters tell him that the democratic right to free speech using a megaphone would be defended. Two officers arrive shortly after and tell supporters to turn down the megaphone. Supporters comply with this and continue to use the megaphone. The officers then decide that supporters have no right to use the megaphone. Supporters draw in a crowd of more than 50 people exposing and opposing the officers harassment over the loudspeaker pointing out that private companies and buskers blast music out across the city centre daily and that therefore it is not the volume which is an issue it is the cause which is being promoted which is the problem – opposition to the benefit cuts on sick and disabled people. The officers attempt to grab the supporter on the loudspeaker and demand personal details. They fail in both pursuits and are forced to retreat with their tail between their legs. Note one of the offending officers - PC Ahmed (A415) - has previously been reported by the GDC (see 19 May harassment log) for harassing people demonstrating in defence of the Tamil people

Saturday 20 October 2012
At the march against the cuts organised by the STUC in Glasgow Strathclyde police officers once again abused powers available to them in a failed attempt to obtain identity details from a protester.

1:14pm, Glasgow Green, heading towards Western exit. Man on tricycle, wearing mask, towing a sound system. Approached by two police officers A613 (female) and A13 (male). A13 explains that a placard on the back of the tricycle used the word "bastards" and requested that man on tricycle dispose of the placard. Man on tricycle says it's not his, and he's happy for police to take it off him. Police seem reluctant to take placard but eventually do so. Police attempt to get name and address from man, he declines. A613 cites Section 17 of the Police Scotland Act (1967) in attempt to get man to give name and address. A legal observer who was present on the scene produced a copy of Section 17 and tells man it does not say what the police officer is claiming it says. A613 backs down. Man on tricycle starts to cycle away but A13 tries to stop him saying he is "still talking to man on tricycle". Man on tricycle asks if he is being detained. A13 says no. Man on tricycle asks A13 to step aside so man on tricycle can continue cycling. A13 fails to stop man on tricycle as he cycles away.

The legal observer gave the copy of Section 17 to officer A613 to keep. We hope that A613 has the capacity read it, understand it, and respect the law.

Thursday 27 September 2012

A GDC supporter waiting for a friend on his bike in Govanhill is approached by two officers (male - G817, female -G 634). He is asked what he is doing, where he has come from and for his address. He complies with the officers first two questions but tells the officers they have no legal right to ask for his address as he hasn't committed or witnessed a crime. The officers continue to demand his address with the threat of arrest put forward. The supporter does not give into the officers and they are forced to look for other ways to harass. They go on to accuse the supporter of stealing his bike and carrying illegal substances and subject him to a full stop and search, going through personal cards and notes in his wallet and through his backpack. They claim that every individual on a bike in Govanhill is liable for a stop and search 'as there is a high rate of bike theft in this area'. After his friend arrives the supporter tells the officers they will be reported to the relevant people before departing. Officer G817, who is known for his thuggish and racist treatment of the migrant community in the area, shouts at the supporters as they depart 'Who are you gonna report us to?!'.

Monday 17 September 2012
PC Sarah Johnson (A281) and a male officer (A489), both of Stewart Street station and operating under commanding officer Mark Nichol, approach GDC supporters demonstrating outside the City Chambers against attempts to ban protest from George Square. They fail to gain personal details of supporters. They are soon joined by two more officers. The officers are asked how they found out about the protest when it had only been publicised through internal communication channels. One supporter asks 'are you tapping into our phones?'. The officer replies she cannot comment. As the protest winds up officer Johnson, despite gaining no details and never meeting the individuals involved, refers to one of the GDC supporters by name 'see you later [name removed]'. Intelligence on individuals, which includes the widespread tapping of phones, is being used to intimidate anti cuts activists.

Monday 30 July 2012
Between 15.00-18.00hrs a peaceful protest against the presence of PM David Cameron in Glasgow City Centre was faced with lines of uniformed officers intimidating people with the threat of arrest for merely being in the area. Plain clothes officers mingled within the demonstration. Two arrests were made with one Socialist Workers Party activist, who has been the target of arrest before, singled out again after the protest dispersed with officers following him around the corner. The Public Order Act 1986 - http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1986/64 - was used to dictate that the demonstration had to leave the area and be dispersed all together by 17.30hrs Find more details at http://glasgowdefencecampaign.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/camerons-footsoldiers-no-shame.html

Saturday 28 July 2012 
Anti-fascists are kettled by 80 to 100 officers on Buchanan Street and subject to body and bag searches as a condition for leaving the kettle under section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1994/33/section/60. Three arrests are made by officers – two of people who refused to be searched on the grounds that they would not be treated as criminals for taking part in peaceful progressive protest. One man had his camera illegally confiscated by officers who grabbed it as he filmed an arrest. For footage of the participating officers and the harassment visit http://glasgowdefencecampaign.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/gdc-hall-of-shame.html

Thursday 28 June 2012
FRFI supporter Dominic O’Hara is harassed by two officers of Strathclyde police (Badges G480 and G383) whilst petitioning at Lidl supermarket on Victoria Road in Govanhill, 7pm, to oppose the targeting of disabled people for welfare cuts. One of the officers, PC Willie Neil, who led harassment of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! supporters in Govanhill during the summer 2010, when attempts were made to ban the newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and charge those selling it with street trading offences, made the political nature of this harassment clear. More details available at - http://glasgowdefencecampaign.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/loose-lips-sink-ships.html

Saturday 16 June 2012
Hundreds of people take part in a march and demonstration in Glasgow City Centre in opposition to the destitution, eviction, dawn raiding and deportation of asylum seekers. Plans for the demonstration, 1-3pm in George Square, were previously given approval by Glasgow City Council and Strathclyde Police. On the day a counter demonstration by the racist thugs of the Scottish Defence League (SDL) takes place. Instead of containing and arresting those involved, as has repeatedly happened on progressive protests against the attack on living standards, the institutionally racist Strathclyde police escort the SDL through the town and eventually give them priority over the Refugees Are Welcome Here demonstration.

Anti-racist campaigners are threatened with the use of Public Order legislation, physically assaulted and four are arrested; forcing the demonstration to end early; only for the SDL to be marched into the area they had just been forced out of. A protest in solidarity with those arrested took place at Stewart Street police station later that night. The Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, the Unity Centre, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and others are demanding a full public and independent investigation into the actions of Strathclyde Police. More details - http://glasgowdefencecampaign.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/police-racism-and-harassment.html

Friday 8 June 2012
The following three officers from Garscadden police station (Alpha 170, 206, 422) seize placards and carry out an illegal stop and search of three peaceful protestors from the group 32 County Sovereignty Movement (32CSM Alba) Alba. The three 32CSM Alba members had intended to mount a peaceful protest opposing the abuse of Irish Republican prisoner’s by the British authorities at the same time as the Olympic Torch (revived by the Nazi’s in 1936) made its way through Glasgow City Centre. Dubious comments are made by the officers about offensive weapons. None of the protestors are arrested or charged.

Friday 1 June 2012
Progressive activists across Britain are confronted by police officers on the eve of the chauvinistic Golden Jubilee celebrations, and issued warnings not to engage in disorder or to attend any of the gatherings called to oppose the monarchy. In Glasgow, a supporter of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and the Glasgow Defence Campaign, who has been a consistent target of state harassment was visited at his home by plain clothes officers PC McFadden (H 567) and PC Daily (H 611) of Baird Street Police Office, without any legal authority to be told that engaging in ‘anti-social behaviour and violence’ would make him liable to arrest. The same two officers made trips to the homes of other activists in the city, some who still have outstanding charges from targeted arrests made after an anti-royal wedding party in Kelvingrove Park (see harassment log Wednesday 30/31 July 2011 for details) last year.

Saturday 19 May 2012

At 2pm on Bath Street in Glasgow City Centre GDC supporters come across a female officer (A366) and her colleague PC Ahmed (A415), both operating out of Stewart Street police station, harassing organizers and supporters of a static demonstration in support of the Tamil people. GDC supporters are subsequently harassed after intervening to point out that no notification is needed for a static demonstration. Despite this the officers unlawfully demand and collect details of an organiser.

Tuesday 17 April 2012
Strathclyde police officers violently attack a peaceful protest in the centre of Glasgow, using unjustified force to arrest one young man in chaotic scenes on Argyle Street at approximately 19:00. Further arrests are thwarted only by the actions of the crowd. The events take place during a peaceful protest in solidarity with thousands of Palestinian prisoners on hunger-strike, called by various progressive forces in Glasgow on Palestinian Prisoners Day. The following officers are guilty of violent conduct: A114, A297, A328, A475, A526, A630 (WPC), A654, V113, V355, V218, V616, V659. The GDC has been informed that more arrests were made in the days following the protest. Details to follow.

Thursday 29 March 2012

At 4.15pm, four officers from Strathclyde police, some of whom are known to GDC supporters, turn up to a protest in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners outside Marks and Spencer store on Sauchiehall Street. After entering the store in order to speak to management and security they re-emerge minutes later and all four officers quickly disperse, without approaching or gaining any details of those participating in the protest. The Glasgow Defence Campaign has reason to believe that officers operating out of Stewart Street Police station are keen to avoid becoming ‘the next PC Hay’ who has been viewed by over 200,000 people on YouTube harassing a supporter of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and the Glasgow Defence Campaign.

Saturday 24 March 2012
GDC supporter Dominic O’Hara is harassed by two officers, between 1-3pm, whilst selling the newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! in Govanhill. Officer (‘sergeant’) G357 and Inspector Alan Bowater, who was involved in failed attempts to arrest FRFI supporters on Saturday 13th August and 1st October 2011 (see harassment log), arrogantly approach the comrade questioning if he had been on an ‘Irish commemoration protest’ that morning and asking if he planned to go to the city centre march later that day in solidarity with the Palestinian hunger strikers. The officers expose once again the need for an active fighting defence campaign against political policing.

Thursday 26 January 2012
The first person to be tried for non-cooperation with Scotland's 2011 census appeared in Glasgow Sheriff court this morning. Barbara Dowling is pleading not guilty and representing herself. The judge supported the Crown’s motion to adjourn the trial to the following dates; Intermediate Diet, Wednesday 2 May, 10am in Court 10 and a Trial Diet, Tuesday 15 May, 10am in Court 16. She has been targeted by the state before for making moral and political stands and this one against CACI's involvement with the Scottish census 2011 is to be applauded.

Thursday 12 January 2012
Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! supporter Dominic O'Hara appears in Glasgow District Court on framed charges of assaulting an officer during the breaking of a police kettle on an anti cuts protest on 29 January 2011. Dominic's solicitor is challenging the legality of the police kettle that took place that day and has raised a Scottish devolution minute meaning that a full debate on police kettling will now be held on Thursday 1st March, from 10am in Glasgow District Court. Please attend if you can to make a united stand against Strathclyde police’s kettling and framing of political activists.

Monday 19 December 2011
Two sets of police officers are posted at each end of St. Andrews Street; in the middle is the Glasgow District Court, as Dominic O'Hara faces trial on framed charges of police assault. When supporters - numbering around 5 - leave over two hours later the two groups of officers - numbering around 12 to 15 - are still sat at either end of the street. GDC supporters are growled at by the officers as they walk away from the court and officers drive away shortly after. This is clear intimidation and aimed at the campaign in response to the victory of GDC and FRFI supporter Joey Simons in court last week. The hierarchy of Strathclyde Police officers, who post their foot soldiers to harass working class people every day, must realise that their intimidation and attack on democratic rights will be met with resistance and will result in officers being embarrassed and exposed.

Monday 21 November 2011
A ‘No To Dawn Raids!’ protest, organised by the Unity Centre and others, at the Home office sign on centre for asylum seekers at Brand Street in Ibrox is held after recent raids against two asylum seeking families. Over 50 officers are deployed to police the static peaceful protest, with police cameras monitoring all those involved. Four protestors participating in peaceful direct action are arrested and released later in the evening on a personal undertaking not to return to Brand Street and with citations to appear in court on 22 December 2011. The British state know where the real forces of change lie – not in the bureaucratic trade union structures but in the asylum seekers representing the oppressed victims of British imperialism that is why the police were deployed in such large numbers; to intimidate.

Saturday 19 November 2011
Two Strathclyde police officers enter the Unite The Union offices, John Smith House, on West Regent Street in Glasgow City Centre. They warn a meeting of over 200 electricians, who plan to march against vicious pay cuts to the City Chambers at George Square that they will not be allowed to use the roads and must stay on the pavements. The officers claim of preventing obstruction to traffic was empty as electricians marched down streets with busy pavements and quite roads. The restriction was political and intended to intimidate and stamp police authority over the protest.

Thursday 10 November 2011 
FRFI and GDC supporter Dominic O'Hara attends Glasgow District Court for sentencing. He is admonished, with no further sentence, by the judge after observing a six month 'good behaviour' report. The original charge relates to the 9 December 2010 anti cuts protest in Glasgow City City Centre. He was found guilty of the trumped up charge of police assault on 11 April 2011.

Thursday 13 October 2011
Glasgow District Court. Two Strathclyde police officers approach GDC supporters at approx 1.30pm gathered outside the court in support of FRFI activist Dominic O'Hara, appearing for sentencing. After a GDC leaflet found it's way into the hands of one of the officers, back-up is called and shortly after a police van appears, with the contents of the leaflet discussed. Supporters entered the court at 2pm - on coming back out on to St. Andrews Street at approx. 3pm, the police van remained parked outside, alongside a police car with its lights flashing and around half a dozen officers in a clear attempt to intimidate a peaceful gathering. 

Saturday 1 October 2011
Event - People First STUC March and Rally

Harassment - 1 arrest (and de-arrest), 3 hours intimidation tactics and general harassment.

Various officers, operating under the instructions of Inspector Alan Bowater of Aikenhead Road Police Station, focus their efforts on the contingent (including under 16's) of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (FRFI) to intimidate and try and provoke a response during the STUC's People First march. Officers proceed to manhandle a 14-year-old girl for "not moving in" to the police's idea of the marches boundaries.  Officers then arrest a young FRFI supporter for “antagonistic use” of the megaphone, then citing breach of the peace when this is challenged. The arrestee was released only 5 minutes later after pressure from over 200 activists reversed the circumstances and “kettled” the police. See footage of this here

Police continued to monitor and intimidate FRFI's contingent for the remainder of the march. At the rally point in Kelvingrove Park two officers, including Inspector Bowater, continue to try and intimidate the contingent by following these persons any which way they moved, the officers remaining at touching distance throughout this. After the FRFI steward had sought legal advice and consulted the GDC on how to handle the situation without an arrest being made they managed to leave the park safely. A member of the Coalition of Resistance (COR) was also harassed by the police in Kelvingrove Park, we have yet to receive the facts of this and would encourage witnesses to contact the GDC. We believe the COR supporter had his details taken.

Tuesday 20 September 2011
FRFI hosts a meeting 'The great deception: ten years of the struggle for Govanhill Baths' in the Pandora Bar on Victoria Rd, Govanhill. Before the meeting the supporters are approached by the Barman who complains about receiving calls from people claiming that the meeting should not be allowed to go ahead as it is 'political'. During the meeting two uniformed police officers approach the Barman and then leave without explanation. Publicity for the meeting had also been consistently ripped down in the days prior to the meeting. After 12 months of harassment against FRFI in the Southside of Glasgow particularly we are in doubt that Strathclyde police were out to disrupt and prevent the democratic right to hold a meeting.