Saturday, 29 January 2011

Breaking news... another FRFI activist arrested.... protest outside the police station demanding his release is now underway……

This is an urgent appeal to call to demand the release of Dominic O’Hara who has been targeted and arrested for taking part in the anti cuts protests in Glasgow today. Please call Baird Street police station on 0141 532 4100.

Dominic was arrested this afternoon 29 January 2011 at approximately 1.15pm, on St Vincent Street, Glasgow as he was walking away from today’s demonstrations in  opposition to the cuts and in defence of public services. He was with three other supporters of the Glasgow Defence Campaign, one of which, a member of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! was also assaulted during the arrest of Dominic. Around twelve officers were involved in the arrest.

The comrade has become the target of a sustained campaign of harassment and political policing by Strathclyde police officers operation out of different stations across Glasgow. In July 2010 he was charged with ‘illegal street trading’ for distributing the newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, in August he was subject to a sustained period of harassment an abuse from uniformed officers based at the New Gorbals police station. In December he was arrested, alongside another FRFI supporter at the student demonstrations against the cuts in Glasgow, where he is facing trumped up charges including police assault, he is due to go to trial in February where is pleading not guilty. We need to be clear, it is the police who have acted illegally, it is the police who have opted to selectively target, harass, assault and detain members and supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!

Miriam Kelly, a spokesperson for the Glasgow Defence Campaign this afternoon said ‘We condemn the political policing and the violence of the police, it is clear that our comrade was targeted as he moved away from the demonstration and away from other peaceful protesters. We condemn in particular the paramilitary style policing which is now being visited upon the people of Glasgow as we fight to defend local services and oppose job losses. We pledge to continue the struggle in order to defend all those who are subject to police harassment.’

A demonstration of around 40 people demanding the release of Dominic is currently underway outside Baird Street police station.

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