Sunday, 29 July 2012

Strathclyde Police Hall Of Shame

The Glasgow Defence Campaign is proud to present to you the rising stars of Strathclyde Police who participated in the kettling of peaceful anti-fascist protestors on Saturday 28 July 2012 in Glasgow city centre. Remember their faces they maybe big names one day - like the killer of Ian Tomlinson Pc Simon Harwood!


Note the two anti-fascists who were arrested on Saturday's protest are being held in Maryhill police station and should be appearing in the Sheriff Court tomorrow. The GDC calls on all those able to go down to the court in solidarity to do so. We have also been told that fascist elements have called a protest outside the Sheriff Court at 11am tommorrow in support of some of their thugs who had been arrested. This makes our presence at the court, in large numbers, all the more important. The GDC is waiting for confirmation whether there was a third arrest of an anti-fascist made on Saturday.

For more details of the day's events see the following reports.

Strathclyde Police kettle and harass anti fascist protest!


Police crimes on anti fascist protest - the evidence

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