Thursday, 2 January 2014

Criminal Trial in Glasgow ‘for using a loudspeaker’ – The Case Continues

The Glasgow Defence Campaign enters the New Year with determination and optimism that the fight against the cuts, racism and political policing and courts can and will grow. 

Since our establishment three years ago we have supported progressive people victim to the assault on democratic rights by Strathclyde Police (now Police Scotland). We have resisted on-going attempts to intimidate, isolate and infiltrate progressive individuals and organisations such as Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! with street and court demonstrations while updating our police harassment log to record the details of these offences.

On Monday 6 January 2014 one of our supporters Dominic O’Hara faces a Sheriff Court trial for using a loudspeaker in Glasgow City Centre. The last appearance of the ‘Glasgow Against Atos 2’ in October found that police had unlawfully arrested and detained both Dominic and Daniel McGarrell on 22 February 2013 during a peaceful static protest against the benefit cutting multinational Atos (working on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions). Despite this ruling against police violence and the dropping of stitched up charges of ‘resisting arrest’ and ‘attempting to liberate a prisoner’ the judge chose to uphold a political charge of ‘illegally’ using a loudspeaker. The campaign is mobilising for a picket of the Sheriff court to defend free speech and the right to protest (details below). We hope to see you + friends and family there if you can be.

In the run up to the Commonwealth Games we expect to see a clamp down on democratic rights in Glasgow City Centre in an attempt to cover up the stench of cuts and corruption coming from the ruling elites in this city. The campaign will work to defend those who wish to expose the hypocrisy of these institutions and the ‘respectable face’ they try to present to the world.

The point we have made from the start that effective resistance to the ruling class can only be built and maintained with an effective political defence campaign to support victims of state repression still stands. We look forward to and hope others will join us in this fight for 2014!

Don’t panic, organise!

Free Speech Court Picket
Defend Free Speech in Glasgow City Centre! Unite Against the Cuts!
Monday 6 January, from 9.15am
Front of Glasgow Sheriff Court,
Carlton Place

For more details on the case see


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