Saturday, 12 January 2013

Stewart Street Cop Shop - At It Again!

The Glasgow Defence Campaign has been passed on this article relating to the behaviour of a Stewart Street police station officer - badge A403 - who was caught on camera smashing a member of the public’s mobile phone last year for filming him. In accordance with the unwritten law which gives cops the right to commit and cover up their crimes, without facing repercussions, the Strathclyde police officer is then filmed denying he smashed any phone.

The GDC would like to put on record that this particular officer has also been involved in vicious attacks on the right to protest against the cuts to living standards over the last two years in Glasgow. That along with the incident detailed below are enough to tells us to be wary of this individual but rather than him being dubbed a rogue cop or a ‘bad apple’ the GDC hold that he is simply a reflection of the much wider layers of dishonesty and arrogance which lie at the heart of Strathclyde Police. The link to the article is below.

We encourage all members of the public to film police officers whenever they feel this is necessary. It may prove vital evidence in court should the case end up there. We reassert that it is not illegal to film officers; only in the circumstance where intent of physically harming officers in future, using the footage, is suspected by the police can this right be taken away.

Hands off our mobile phones! Hands off Protest!

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