Sunday, 9 January 2011

Public meeting: Fighting the cuts and defending democratic rights

The Glasgow Defence Campaign, supported by Fight Racism! Fight   Imperialism!, has called a public meeting around the urgent issue of fighting the cuts and defending democratic rights.

We urgently need to fight in defence of the right to organise on the streets and in our communities. Strathclyde police has increased its  harassment of political activity in Glasgow and has targeted groups like FRFI which have actively opposed this. Supporters have faced arrest and criminal charges and this will be extended to anyone building       resistance unless we stand up for our rights.  If opposition to the       government´s war on the working class is to be successful, it is crucial that we can defend ourselves and others from state harassment.

We invite all progressive groups and people to attend and contribute to this meeting and discussion. Stand up for your rights! 

Public meeting: "Fighting the cuts and defending democratic rights."
Wednesday 26 January, 7pm
Langside Halls, 1 Langside Avenue, 
Shawlands, Glasgow (opposite The Shed)

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