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Strathclyde police have set out to criminalise protest in Glasgow. All they have succeeded in doing is criminalising themselves in the eyes of growing numbers of people. The Glasgow Defence Campaign (GDC) is clear: the biggest threat to law and order in our city is the police. Check this page for regularly updated information on protests and events against the cuts and defending democratic rights.
We ask people to stand with us and attend protests and campaign meetings, send messages of support, write letters to your local representatives and local papers. Show Strathclyde police that their actions will not go unchallenged! Send messages of support to glasgowdefence@yahoo.co.uk

Defend the right to protest!
Defend those arrested!
End criminalisation!

Court protest: Defend the Glasgow ATOS 2! - Speaking on a megaphone is not a crime! 

Tuesday 1 October 9-10am

Sheriff Court, Calton Place. Protest at trial of two arrested members of FRFI and supporters of the Glasgow Against ATOS campaign.