Who we are

Glasgow Defence Campaign has been formed in order to defend democratic rights and oppose the criminalisation of political protest. We stand against political policing and call for the maximum unity of all in order to defend all those harassed, targeted, imprisoned and beaten at the hands of the police and judicial system.

The Glasgow Defence Campaign emerged out of the Govanhill Defence Campaign which was formed by supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and the Revolutionary Communist Group following an intensified period of police harassment in the summer of 2010.

Over the autumn and winter as the attacks on living standards increased protests marches and demonstrations increased throughout the country. In Glasgow hundreds marched on 9 December and again on 29 January, in opposition to the cuts and in defence of public services. The police response has been to engage in paramilitary style policing, including the targeting and arrest of supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! the Scottish Socialist Party and other activists. The Glasgow Defence Campaign will fight to highlight their cases and the cases of all those on the receiving end of state repression.

We invite support from individuals, organisations and campaign groups.

If you face any form of police harassment or violence, please log as many details as you can and send to glasgowdefence@yahoo.co.uk.