Monday, 21 November 2011

Shop Every Cop!

After the social explosion across England in August the British state has sought to strengthen it’s already overwhelmingly militarised and well equipped police force. In the last week Glasgow Defence Campaign supporters have witnessed the British police in action. On Saturday 19 November police officers walked into the Unite the Union offices in Glasgow City Centre and warned electricians, facing vicious pay cuts, to restrict their march to the pavement or face the consequences. 

On Monday 21 November we watched as more than 40 officers were mobilised against a static protest of around 30 people opposing the recent dawn raids of two asylum-seeking families in Glasgow. The direct action taken by protestors to block the front gates to the Home office sign on centre at Brand Street in Ibrox was entirely peaceful (and a great success!).

If you see political policing in action send a report with a picture to our email and we can publicise it. 

Defending democratic rights will be key to any struggle against austerity and racism.

We say: shop every cop!