Wednesday, 16 November 2011

FRFI Supporter Admonished!

The case against Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! activist and Glasgow Defence Campaign supporter Dominic O'Hara, who was found guilty of a framed up charge of police assault on 11 April 2011, was finally brought to an end on Thursday 10 November. After observing a six month 'good behaviour' report, during which he has been repeatedly harassed by officers and despite the sly attempt by the Procurator Fiscal to level illegitimate charges at him on 13 October, the comrade was admonished by the judge with no further sentence. He now faces another trial in December for police assault charges made up in January.

The previous case against Dominic relates to the 9 December 2010 student led anti-cuts protest in Glasgow City Centre in which FRFI supporters played a leading role. For this and their previous work challenging political policing in Govanhill they were targeted. Of the two FRFI and GDC supporters arrested that day, out of the hundreds of people who were present, the other Joey Simons is currently on trial. The Glasgow Defence Campaign will be holding courts protests on the dates below. We will continue to stand by the comrades and urge all progressive people to do so too.

This is not a fight for the future of individuals, it is one for the future of all those who will come up against political policing and courts as resistance to the cuts increases.

Stand Up! Speak Out! Attend the court protests!
Court protests – no to political policing!
Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 December, 9.45am gather outside court
Glasgow District Court
St.Andrews St  
Trongate (off Saltmarket)
Trial of FRFI supporter Joey Simons

Monday 19 December, 9.45am gather outside court
Glasgow District Court
(Same address as above)
Trial of FRFI supporter Dominic O'Hara

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