Friday, 20 May 2011

More messages of solidarity to the campaign

Tommy McKearney, former Republican hunger-striker, now organiser for the Independent Workers Union of Ireland and leading socialist journalist, has sent the following message of solidarity to the Glasgow Defence Campaign:

There is nothing new about political policing in any part of the UK. As part of the machinery of state, British police forces usually believe that they are entitled to do whatever they feel is necessary to protect their employer. We are so used to this type of policing in Ireland that we almost take it for granted yet it is a huge mistake to concede any ground on this issue. Allowing police decide what is politically acceptable is quite simply toleration for a police state. 

Every effort must be made, therefore, to prevent the Strathclyde police getting away with political harassment of activists and we must all offer our wholehearted support to the Glasgow Defence Campaign. - Tommy McKearney

The Manchester branch of the Revolutionary Communist Group and supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! also sent the following message of solidarity:

Manchester branch of the RCG condems the police harrassment and open political attack on our comrades and other anti-cuts activists in Glasgow. This direct political attack by the police on anti-cuts activists in Glasgow follows on from the police arrest of 145 UK Uncuts activists in London on 26 March and the arrest of FRFI anti-cuts activists in Newcastle. It is clear that the British government, knowing that the protests against the devastating effects of the cuts will increase, are making every effort to intimidate and deter those that can give a political lead to the anti-cuts movement. All those that defend the democratic right to protest have to support all those arrested and call for the dropping of all charges.
From Manchester RCG to the GDC

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