Wednesday, 7 September 2011

GDC supports Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign call for protests at Cupar court

The Glasgow Defence Campaign gives its support to the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign's call for "supporters of Palestinian rights, anti-racists and supporters of free speech to assemble outside Cupar Sheriff court on Tuesday September 13th at 9am to support Paul Donnachie. An injury to one is an injury to all." 

Paul Donnachie is a student who was convicted on a ridiculous, politically-motivated charge of 'racially-aggravated conduct' at Cupar court in August, leading to his expulsion from St Andrews university. The trial verdict essentially criminalises any criticism of the brutal violence waged by the Israeli state against the Palestinian people. Those who dare to oppose this racist state are now decried as racists.

The verdict is being appealed and the Glasgow Defence Campaign and its supporters will aim to attend the protest next week. Anyone concerned with basic democratic freedoms in a world of imperialist war and violence should do so too.

The full SPSC statement can be read here.

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