Sunday, 2 October 2011

Strathclyde Police - Back Off!

The Glasgow Defence Campaign condemns the open political policing that was employed on yesterday’s Scottish Trades Union Council march from Glasgow Green to Kelvingrove Park. Throughout the march people were harassed and stalked by lines of officer’s intent on provoking a response from the peaceful protestors. Coalition of Resistance supporters were taken aside by officers and warned to behave, IRSP Alba and John Brady Society followers were questioned for flying a Starry Plough flag  and a Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and Glasgow Defence Campaign supporter, who has been targeted on previous protests, was manhandled by officers off the march for condemning political policing as the march passed Cranstonhill Police Station, 945, Argyle St

The following video captures the scenes as the arrest took place only for him to be de-arrested due to the popular will of the protestors.  

The GDC sends its solidarity to the people who left the march and successfully secured our supporters release. As the targeted comrade said after re-joining the march 'a victory for one is a victory for all!'

A full report of the day’s events is to follow so please subscribe to and spread the word about our blog. If anyone experienced political policing on yesterday’s march send the details to and we can publicise the incidents.

The times they are ‘a’ changing,

Don't Panic - Organise!

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