Saturday, 2 August 2014

Defending the right to defend Palestine!

The Glasgow Defence Campaign calls again for protest in defence of Palestine itself to be defended. Today 2 August, 13.00hrs, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (FRFI) supporters in Govanhill, who had publicised a protest against the bombing and blockade of Gaza, were followed and harassed by four officers.

Taking up the call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel and its illegal settlements in Palestine FRFI supporters planned pickets of Tesco and Sainsbury’s on Victoria Road. There is nothing illegal in this. That is your democratic right to protest.

The reality of British democracy and British establishment support for Apartheid Israel  was demonstrated by the officers, in marked and unmarked cars, who stalked a supporter on his way to the protest and then followed him into Lidl store with the senior officer asking him randomly "can I help you". In an attempt to intimidate and provoke the officers approached staff to warn of the protest and asked the supporter "don't you remember shouting at me last week". The police remained visible for the duration of the event and then unsuccessfully attempted to follow supporters leaving for the Palestine protest in the city centre. 

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  1. We have had two glorious days of cop free protest here in Dundee! Check out Dundee FRFI facebook page. Cos' they are all over in Glasgow, swagging the juicy overtime for the Games. Apart from the dangerous outfit stationed here to 'protect the shooting team' billeted at a local hotel. The armed mob are stopping all and sundry about the location. Kenny McCaskill...are you in charge of justice here or have ye signed it over to Steven House? We did not vote for him. He was not a candidate. Are ye still sweating over the Lockerbie frame up McCaskill, is that what House and the ruling class have over ye? Call yersel' a socialist and you lie down at the feet of cops. Some democracy. In the coming independent Scotland you are out on your arse McCaskill. And don't count on those juicy pensions all you uniformed bullies. We'll be re-opening all them public loos closed through council cuts. You intimidate and frame up protesters against those cuts and the murderous wars Britain organises and arms. Lotsa vacancies lads! HANDS OFF PROTEST!