Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Political policing challenged in Dundee


Supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and Socialist Workers Party members united to challenge the unnanounced presence of uniformed cops at a public meeting in Dundee. On the evening of Wednesday 16 February people had gathered at a well known venue for public meetings. They were there to hear first hand accounts of events in Egypt from some of the youth who had participated in the struggle there.  

As the meeting was about to begin, two uniformed cops came into the back of the room and stood looking out over the crowd. Offering no reason for this intimidatory presence, people began to demand an explanation. They ludicrously claimed that as the event was public they were entitled to be there! The audience took a very different view and began loudly insisting that they leave. Voicing the opinion that those who objected were behaving "unreasonably" the pair slunk off. 

FRFI was able to make the very real and vivid point at the meeting that our rulers here were increasingly directing the police to monitor and interfere with political organisation and activity and that vigilance and unity were necessary to defend democratic rights.

No to political policing!

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