Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Another political frame-up in Scotland as Palestine activist convicted

The Glasgow Defence Campaign sends its solidarity to Paul Donnachie, a student and Palestine solidarity activist who was found guilty on Tuesday 23 August on the outrageous charge of 'racially aggravated conduct' after expressing his contempt for the Israeli flag. He was immediately expelled from St. Andrews university. The verdict sets a dangerous precedent whereby any criticism of the Israeli state and its continuing brutality against the Palestinian people is outlawed. The charge of 'racially aggravated conduct' for criticising, in a private incident, the violent, racist conduct of Israel is clearly politically-motivated, and as Paul Donnachie stated following his conviction: "I've fought racism all my life." An appeal is underway.

Alongside the continuing arrests and frame-ups of anti-cuts activists and the remanding in custody of young teenagers who commented on Facebook on the recent riots in England, the Scottish justice system is clearly showing that it stands firmly on the side of the powerful and wealthy against justice. Any democratic rights we have can only be secured by a continuing fight in their defence.

The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign has issued reports from the trial and an official statement which will appear on their website shortly. The GDC urges all its supporters to heed the SPSC's call for "supporters of Palestinian rights, anti-racists, and supporters of free speech to assemble outside Cupar Sheriff court on Tuesday September 13th at 9am to support Paul Donnachie. An injury to one is an injury to all."

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