Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Strathclyde police - back off!

On Friday 12 August, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and GDC supporters held a "No to the Cuts! No to Political Policing!" stall outside Buchanan Galleries on Sauchiehall St. Two Strathclyde police officers (A678 and A297) approached the stall at 3.30pm, threatening a charge of breach of the peace for the megaphone being "too loud." Activists effectively defended their rights and drew in a crowd of around 50 members of the public to highlight yet another instance of political policing. Officers attempted to pull a 15 year-old GDC supporters away from the stall but failed and eventually retreated.
A second set of male officers (A192 and A929) arrived in a police vehicle at 4.25pm. They then circled the stall by foot and entered shops in the surrounding area, before approaching twenty minutes later, again failing to intimidate activists and unlawfully take personal details of those on the stall. The police eventually back off. Another example of the necessity and effectiveness of standing up for our rights in the face of political policing. Strathclyde police - back off!

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  1. Well done. I found something quite interesting, an entry on George Osbornes wifes blog basically inciting people or maybe just women depends on your take, to protest so cant we all say Frances Osborne incited us http://www.francesosborne.com/blog-diary/the-lessons-of-the-british-womens-fight-for-the-vote/
    last paragraph