Thursday, 15 December 2011

Court protest against political policing!

On Monday 12 December, Strathclyde police and the Crown office were humiliated as a Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! activist was acquitted on five charges relating to a protest in December. It was a vindication of the struggle waged by the Glasgow Defence Campaign against the criminalisation of political activity. It showed that if you fight - you can win. 

This coming Monday the GDC is again calling on all progressives, socialists and democrats to attend a picket at Glasgow District Court in solidarity with Dominc O'Hara, another FRFI supporter who has consistently faced police harassment over the past year. He is facing framed-up charges of police assault relating to an anti-cuts protest in Glasgow on 9 January 2011. 

We must demand solidarity and unity in face of the ruling class's onslaught on both living standards and democratic rights. While they destroy basic services and loot and plunder their way across the world, young working class people are jailed and brutalised for posts on Facebook. 

Head down to the court and put the shameless lies of the cops under the scrutiny they deserve!

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