Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Supporter Dominic O'Hara on trial in District Court

On 19 December Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and Glasgow Defence Campaign supporter Dominic O’Hara appeared in Glasgow District Court on framed charges of police assault  and breaking through a police kettle on 29 January 2011. The comrade has already been found guilty of a framed charge of police assault this year.

At the court Dominic’s solicitor lodged a devolution minute questioning the use of police kettling, and the snatch squad style of arrest which took place, sighting that European Convention Rights articles 8 (right to respect for his private and family life) and 10 (right to freedom of expression) had been violated. The police have sought to justify their criminal actions with this Scottish Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) document ‘Manual of guidance on keeping the peace 2010’ which we urge all readers to take a closer look at. 

The trial will not go ahead until a debate on Thursday 12th January, 2pm, and investigations have taken place. Details will be posted on the blog and we call on people who wish to oppose the criminal use of kettling and the ongoing attack on democratic rights and living standards to make it down. 

The GDC is clear; it is testimony to the consistent work of FRFI and the GDC that our activists have been targeted by Strathclyde police. We have opposed and exposed the attack on living standards and democratic rights on the streets (where it matters!) over the last year. We do not intend to let our guard down as we come into the new year. GDC supporters were monitored by two vans full of officers on entering and leaving the court after Dominic’s trial. We see this intimidation as directly linked to the victory of FRFI and GDC supporter Joey Simons in court last week and the increasing notoriety of the GDC’s work. 

We say to PC’s Grant Hay, Douglas Forrest, John Carter and PCs Scott and Quinn, exposed as liars before a court of GDC supporters last week, and the upper echelons of Strathclyde Police hands off protest and our day will come! The people’s court finds you guilty of framing charges against progressive activists and attacking the right to protest!

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