Monday, 9 January 2012

GDC Press Release: Unite against Police kettling at trial on 12th January!

Police Kettle in George Square 9 December 2010
On Thursday 12th January 2012 a supporter of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and the Glasgow Defence Campaign is to attend Glasgow District Court for the second session of his trial on a stitched up charge of police assault. At the opening session of Dominic O’Hara’s trial his solicitor raised a devolution minute questioning the legality of police kettling in the circumstances of the 29th January 2011 when both young and old united to peacefully march against the cuts in Glasgow City Centre. It was during the breaking of the police kettle that Dominic is accused of ‘assaulting an officer’. He was later snatched by officers as he left the protest.

After repeated attempts by Dominic’s defence to obtain Strathclyde Police’s official policy on kettling they were finally supplied with the following ‘Manual of Guidance on Keeping The Peace 2010’ produced by the Association Of Chief Police Officers In Scotland which we advise all readers to take a closer look at. If the police kettle is found to have been in contravention with European Convention Rights not only Dominic but everyone who was there that day will have obtained a victory which may open the door to compensation claims against the Strathclyde police.

We urge all progressive forces to unite around this issue in order to show opposition to the continued use of police kettling against peaceful protest and their ongoing campaign to stitch up on false charges progressive activists opposing the cuts. We also call on the press to give this case due attention as it may have an impact on the future of protest in Glasgow and brings into play wider questions about democratic rights in the current society.

An injury to one is an injury to all (as is a victory).

Please attend the court picket and trial (spread the word)

Thursday 12th January, from 1.45pm
Glasgow District Court
21 St Andrews Street
Trongate (off Saltmarket)
G1 5PW

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  1. The metropolitan police in the UK are trained to be respectful of all people regardless of the colour of the skin, the creed and the political beliefs of people. They are protector of the community and the help quell lawlessness and violence in the streets.