Saturday, 16 June 2012

"Business as usual" as more arrests in Glasgow

The Glasgow Defence Campaign reproduces the below message from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities on the arrests at today's demonstration in Glasgow in solidarity with asylum seekers facing eviction and destitution. Once again Strathclyde police demonstrated their commitment to political policing, using Public Order legislation to disrupt a peaceful protest in defence of the most under-attack community in the city, while simultaneously protecting fascist and racist elements in a clear provocation. Reports indicate that four anti-fascists were arrested and an emergency demonstration called outside Stewart Street police station. 

The GDC once again urges everyone present today who witnessed the police behaviour record a statement and contact the campaign. Such blatant political attacks must be met with a unified political response: End police harassment! Release those arrested! Fascists off our streets! Solidarity with asylum seekers

Great demo, marred by cops protecting the fascists

"Fantastic Refugees Are Welcome Here Demo. 1000 people from many countries and all walks of life, a dozen union banners, all the churches there and great delegations from Birmingham, Sheffield and Manchester!
Disgrace that the police threatened to use Public Order Act to disperse our Rally prematurely on the grounds of public safety and then sneakily marched 20 sdl/bnp into George Sq for 15 mins.
There will be an official complaint about their decision to facilitate these racists /fascists walking through the city when they should have been removed immediately.
A brilliant day and big thanks to all who came and marched.
This is just the start!"
Comment from SACC
The presence on the demo of many asylum-seekers potentially vulnerable to police harassment was no doubt in the minds of the march organisers when they decided not to resist the police threat. Without that factor, we would have been entirely within our rights to call the police bluff and see if they were really willing to arrest peaceful demonstrators, MSPs and trade union leaders.
The behaviour of the police was scandalous. We all need to consider whether "business as usual" can continue with Strathclyde police under these circumstances. 
SACC is one of the organisations that gave its official support to the "Refugees Welcome Here" demo. We will give the firmest possible support to any complaint made to Strathclyde Police over these events.

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