Saturday, 4 January 2014

Policing the crisis

When the law makers are the law breakers there is no law

Sunday 12 January 2-4pm

Woodside Halls, Glenfarg Street, near St Georges x underground

A special meeting organised by the Glasgow Defence Campaign to build momentum in the fight to defend democratic rights in Glasgow against police repression.  In a week which will start with the yet another political trial in Glasgow as the state attempts to criminalise the use of a megaphone we are having this meeting offering our considered response.

Paul McKenna, chairperson of the Glasgow Defence Campaign, will be discussing the role of the state within crisis politics and how historically the police owe their development to crisis where they have moved beyond the limits of the rule of law. Paul will be discussing how political charges must be fought with a political as well as a legal defence with specific reference to the current situation facing the anti cuts movement and the attacks on our legal rights in Scotland.

Nicki Jameson, is editor of the Prisoners Fightback page in Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and author of the book, Strangeways 1990: a serious disturbance. Nicki will be discussing how political policing was used against the four year long Non Stop Picket outside South Africa House in London for the release of Nelson Mandela and all South African political prisoners. Crucially Nicki will be discussing how police repression was successfully countered drawing out the lessons for today’s political struggles.

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