Sunday, 20 March 2011

Political policing steps-up in Dundee

During the week beginning 14 March, activists from the Defend Dundee Services anti- cuts group received unannounced visits from police detectives. They sought information on proposed protests justifying this on the grounds of avoiding wasting police resources in monitoring them. DC Greg Petrie was keen to ascertain in a later phone call to an activist whether there were views which regarded recent policing numbers as excessive. The detective also asked about the political organisations involved in anti- cuts protests. He left a mobile number for contact. These are concerning developments which the Glasgow Defence Campaign condemns. Such police contacts are designed to intimidate and worry activists and to suggest that there is criminal intent in open and legal political activity. We publicly reject this further extension of political policing and call for the greatest unity in organising to defend our democratic rights. We urge all those approached by the police to say nothing without a solicitor present.

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