Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Arrests of anti-cuts activists in Edinburgh

The Glasgow Defence Campaign sends its solidarity to those activists arrested for their actions against the multinational tax-dodgers in Edinburgh on Saturday 30 June. The statement from Bright Green Scotland details the actions of the cops. Strathclyde police carried out similar actions against activists involved in peaceful direct action against Vodafone last year, arresting and charging people with breach of the peace four months after the alleged incident. The GDC, alongside the Free Hetherington occupation and others, was instrumental in openly publicising, condemning and organising protests against these blatant political arrests. In the end, the charges against five young people were dropped.

Based on concrete experience gained over the past year, we have learned that attack is the best form of defence. We hope all progressive forces in Edinburgh and beyond unite in condemnation of Lothian and Borders police and organise in support of those arrested. Breach of the peace charges, house arrests and politicised bail conditions...clearly a pattern is emerging. The response everywhere must be the same: we will not be intimidated! No business as usual for the banks!

Indymedia report of Edinburgh Uncut action here.

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