Monday, 13 June 2011

Police turn up at Glasgow anti-cuts meeting

On Thursday 9 June PC A644 and PC A989 were sent from Partick police station to the launch meeting of the Coalition of Resistance (COR) in Glasgow. The officers approached people leafleting outside the STUC building asking whether a demonstration would take place, what the meeting was about, how many people were expected to attend and how long it would last. 

To their credit a small group of people immediately challenged the officers by questioning their reason for being there forcing them to leave the area. A supporter of the Glasgow Defence Campaign caught footage of the incident. The GDC asks that people treat all police interference with political protests and meetings (no matter how small) with the upmost seriousness and record the badge numbers, names (if possible), police station and footage of the officers involved. Not to do so would be to give Strathclyde police the green light to continue their campaign of harassment, arrest and intimidation against people interested and involved in progressive politics.

Fight The Cuts!
Oppose Political Policing!

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