Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A public warning to Strathclyde police

The Glasgow Defence Campaign would like to place on public record once again our opposition to Strathclyde Police’s campaign of harassment and intimidation against our supporters. As we report today on our harassment log, on 24 May, Strathclyde Police Inspector Mike King attended the home of Dominic O’Hara in relation to the civil action the Glasgow Defence Campaign are pursuing against his officers. 

The GDC is calling upon Strathclyde Police to desist with immediate effect this practice of door stepping which is intended to intimidate. We believe it to be another tool of harassment intended to disrupt private and family life and the lives of our neighbours. If the police are seriously wishing to engage with our supporters then they can contact us via letter or through our legal representatives.

Speaking today for the Glasgow Defence Campaign, Miriam Kelly, stated, ‘We are simply refusing to tolerate this ongoing harassment quietly. We have nothing to say to Inspector Mike King, or any of his officers, all of our supporters are now operating under instruction not to engage with the police in any way. This means that communications will not take place without a solicitor present. This has become necessary given the record of Strathclyde Police of falsifying evidence and committing perjury in order to secure convictions against our supporters.’

A report of last Tuesday’s incident has been lodged with our legal advisors.

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