Friday, 29 April 2011

GDC supporters followed after May Day March in Dundee

Supporters of FRFI and the GDC attended the May Day march in Dundee today.

After a noisy march - with groups such as Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! holding the new No Cuts - Full Stop! banner, Students Defending Dundee Schools (SDDS) and Defend Dundee Services adding to the volume - the crowd of 250 made their way into the City Square. A representative of the Glasgow Defence Campaign was invited to speak from the Dundee Trades Union Council platform and described to the crowd the ongoing attack on democratic rights in Glasgow. This condemnation of the actions of Strathclyde police was applauded by the crowd and the call to organise in defence of democratic rights and living standards was endorsed. Readers should note GDC supporters recognised officers who have been involved in political policing in Glasgow.

As the crowd dispersed GDC supporters were followed by up to 6 officers down to the entrance of the Wellgate Shopping centre. Exiting the opposite side of the mall the comrades sat down to plan how best to respond to this targetted and open political policing. Within two minutes two uniformed male officers appeared pointing out the supporters whilst talking into their walky talkies. The comrades made their way back into the shopping centre and contacted a local solicitor for advice.

Other anti cuts activists reported being followed by officers after the march as they made their way to a venue where an anti royal wedding party had been organised.

The GDC condemns the actions of Tayside police who have the same political objectives as their partners in Strathclyde; to crush opposition to the cuts. Dundee comrades have the solidarity of the GDC in their struggle against political policing.

We refuse to be intimidated or silenced! 

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