Friday, 29 April 2011

Anti cuts activists monitored by police

The Glasgow Defence Campaign has received reports from anti-cuts activists in recent days claiming that they have been followed by marked police cars.

On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 April Dominic O'Hara - a supporter of FRFI and the GDC who was recently convicted on a framed up charge of police assault - informed the GDC that a police car repeatedly pulled up alongside him on
Victoria and Pollokshaws Road without asking him to stop. Earlier on in the week a younger supporter of FRFI reported being followed by a police car as he walked through Govanhill. No attempt was made by the officers inside the vehicle to stop the comrade in this instance either.

The GDC calls on people to be vigilant at all times. Do not commit petty offences - such as dropping litter - as this only gives the offending officers an excuse to harass. Overt and covert police surveillance of those who organise against the cuts will increase as opposition to the attack on living standards mounts. The GDC will work its up most to expose and oppose these intimidation tactics.

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