Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Update to police harassment log - don't trust the police!

Wednesday 20 April
Just after 6pm, two uniformed male police officers chapped again at the door of the 14 year-old FRFI supporter who was arrested last Tuesday. The police once again questioned him without an adult present. To justify this harassment, the officers stated that their visit was to remind the minor of his court appearance the following day. They also claimed that as the minor did not enter into a conversation with them that he had an "attitude problem". When asked for their details they quickly turned away and retreated.

At exactly midnight, two uniformed officers (badge numbers G529 and G582) turn up to the home of another FRFI supporter who was arrested on Thursday 14 April and also due to appear in court on Thursday 21 April at 10.30am. They tell the FRFI supporter that he now doesn’t need to go to court and that his undertaking (bail conditions) has been lifted. When questioned, they say they don’t know anything further. There is no paperwork given confirming the need to no longer appear in court. This is highly suspect police behaviour. 

The GDC urges people not to trust the police on matters such as this and to attend any scheduled court appearances.

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