Tuesday, 12 April 2011

More political arrests in Glasgow

Police repression against anti cuts activists is being significantly stepped up in Glasgow today. So far three people have been detained and we expect more arrests to follow. We understand that the arrests are political and relate to the protest of 9 December. Following our earlier update, surrounding the arrest of a 17 year old today, we understand that 14 year old Connor O’Hara was arrested at his home and is currently being detained at Aikenhead Road police station, please call 0141 532 4914 and demand his release. Later on a 17 year old (LM) was arrested outside Baird Street police station at approximately 3pm today. He is being detained at Baird Street police station, we ask people to call 0141 532 410 and demand his release.

We would like to take this opportunity to state that everyone should familiarise themselves with arrest advice on this page, and note the solicitors which we recommend. We strongly advise people TO SAY NOTHING TO THE POLICE beyond the required details of name, address, date of Birth, place of birth and nationality. NO FURTHER DETAILS NEED BE PROVIDED. No interview can take place without a solicitor present. There is no such thing as a friendly conversation with the police. SIGN NOTHING.

We say don’t panic. Organise! 

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